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Learn Singing Hindi devotional Light Classical vocal Bhajan Kirtan Shabad Sufi Songs Voice training online Skype Lessons for learning how to sing Krishna bhajan Shiv, Ram bhajans, Kirtan, Shabad Guravani, Gurubani, Mata devotional songs in Tamil, Telugu Kannada carnatic devotional online singing classes Gujarati, Bangla, Bhojpuri Bhajan Guru teachers Indian trainer instructors online vocal Skype Lessons.


Regular & Online Devotional Music Hohbby Learning Courses & Fees : Music School India

Divya music, top rated music school in India offers regular devotional vocal singing and devotional instrumental music classes and DM Live core online devotional voice singing music lessons for different levels of music courses teaching the art and technique of Indian devotional vocal music singing - traditional music and modern music to kids, children, young adults, adults and students - including the school students, college and university students.

The short term online devotional music hobby certificate courses are:

Admission Registration fee (One Time) : Rs. 960 / US $ 15. Practice Lessons on DVD for online students (optional) : US $ 42. Educational Books and CDs / DVDs on Music and Dance are Available

The vocal music examinations for the above mentioned music courses are conducted online by Divya Music and the certificates are awarded by Divya Music to the successful music students.

Divya Music DM Live Core presents Online Hobby, certificate, diploma, graduation, post graduation and doctorate level music classes for above mentioned courses and learning to sing in the following vocal genres: Indian devotional vocal singing classes - Hindustani classical devotional vocal singing. Indian Light classical vocal bhajans Sugam Sangit lessons - learn to sing Bhajans, sufi, Devotional songs, Spiritual chants, Indian regional Folk songs Lok geet sangeet etc. Carnatic devotional vocal singing - Karnatic vocal lessons, Rabindra Sangit, Gurbani Shabad Kirtan, Bollywood movies - Hindi bhajan film songs etc. Western classical vocal and popular vocal music.

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