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Learn Singing Hindi devotional Light Classical vocal Bhajan Kirtan Shabad Sufi Songs Voice training online Skype Lessons for learning how to sing Krishna bhajan Shiv, Ram bhajans, Kirtan, Shabad Guravani, Gurubani, Mata devotional songs in Tamil, Telugu Kannada carnatic devotional online singing classes Gujarati, Bangla, Bhojpuri Bhajan Guru teachers Indian trainer instructors online vocal Skype Lessons.


Testimonials - Devotional Singing Lessons Online - Indian Music School Academy

  • The online Hindustani light classical vocal music classes have become my habit, my passion and everything, I enjoy learning to sing Hindi Bhajans and practicing the Hindi devotional bhakti sangeet songs based on ragas. Thank you,
    Ms. Shraddha, Sydney, Australia

  • My experience with the online Hindustani classical devotional vocal music classes has been most memorable and satisfying moments. When I closed my eyes during the live online Sanskrit Mantra chanting and Hindi bhajan singing music classes and practiced with my online Hindustani classical music Guru, I never felt we were continents apart, it was the wonderful face to face vocal music learning experience right from my motherland.
    Ms. Aradhana, London, UK

  • The online Spiritual Devotional music singing lessons by Divya Music School in India is a great learning program to know the deeper facts on the Hindustani light music concepts and espacially on devotional Bhakti sangit compositions of the Indian Bhakti sangeet composers and also the magic of the devotional Sufi music compositions with 'Bhaav' of Samarpan or unconditional surrender. It is like being part of a divine singing Satsang with my Hindustani vocal Guru in India .
    Mr. Uttam Kumar, Singapore

  • I am enjoying my true hobby with Divya Music, the online light vocal music classes to learn singing Hindi Bhajan have been a great convenience for a busy housewife like me, i thought it would be tough to devote the time to learn singing but now I easily manage learning to sing light Indian classical music online with my music teacher Ms. Deepti.
    Ms. Neelam, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

  • I appreciate the best satisfying online Indian semi classical music learning experience from Divya Music, the light classical music teachers online are the best in the class, I have been learning and practicing to sing the bhajans and ghazals since last one year but last month when I started to learn singing the sufi songs, singing the magical folk devotional music it was altogether a different spiritual dimension opened up for me. Thank you for offering the best in vocal Music education from India.
    Dr. Prerna, New York, USA

  • The first experience of learning to sing devotional songs online as a beginner was a divine experience. It was good to know that Divya music offers devotional vocal music lessons not only in in Hindi and Sanskrit but also in most of the regional Indian languages like bhajan class lessons in Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Bangla, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Odissi etc. It is a brilliant connecting concept with classical Indian music for NRIs like myself.
    Mr. Sandeep, Madrid, Spain